Numbers in numerology

Numbers in numerology

Let’s talk about numbers in numerology.

Numerology is a science that studies more closely, numbers and their meaning in everyday life. Each figure has a specific representation that determines the personality of each human being. Thus, numerology uses particular techniques to decrypt the numbers and link them to our existence. Discover in this article the meaning of a few.

The study of numbers and karma
It is quite possible to give an explanation to our daily life based on the figures that constitute it. These numbers are usually determined by the date of birth. This technique is still called karmic numerology. It is an art form through which the number of lives of an individual can be determined based on his date of birth. To do this, you must either master the technique or use a professional. In any case, this form of numerology allows to know the fetish color, the gifts, the previous life, the animal totem and the good luck of an individual. It also informs about the soul mate, the potential of reincarnation, the zodiac sign, the element of this sign and finally about the future. In other words, your date of birth is enough to paint the shimmering picture of your life.
On the other hand, some numbers in numerology are more powerful than others. Here are some of these numbers as well as the meaning of the numbers from 1 to 9.
Meaning of figures in numerology
There are certain rules to follow to successfully decode numbers in numerology. The numbers from 1 to 9 have a swinging meaning. This has a strong impact on the lives of the people concerned.

  • The number 1: this figure is proof that you are assuming yourself. In other words, he represents a person who asserts himself. She has an unwavering faith in her. Most of the time, people whose number is 1 are authoritarian and determined.

  • The number 2: unlike the previous one, the number 2 is a symbol of subjection and double personality. This figure represents the delicate, indifferent and dependent people.

  • The number 3: it is a sign of vibration and imagination. If you carry the number 3, then you are a very enthusiastic and outgoing person. Also, you know how to communicate to make your relationships with your loved ones better.


  • The number 4: rigorous and very hardworking, the people represented by the number 4 are organized, disciplined and very responsible. In addition, they operate with tact.


  • The number 5: it is the symbol of independence, change and mobility. Thus, the number 5 is the figure of vitality, originality and vibration.


  • The number 6: he embodies the family and the sense of responsibility. These people have a hard time making important decisions. However, they remain very emotional and involved in their relationship with their family.


  • The number 7: if you have the number 7, then you are an autonomous person, wise, special and very spiritual.


  • The number 8: it is the representation of any material realization. It also symbolizes power, transformation, courage and business acumen. These people have the ease to make money and to undertake since they are generally very courageous.


  • The number 9: It connects sympathy, vocation and idealism. The number 9 is the representation of the complete fulfillment of all things. If you carry this number, you do not have to worry about your success in life.

Numbers with the powerful meaning of numerology
The main powerful numbers are 3 in number. These are known and are among others the numbers 11, 22 and 33. The number 11 for example is the representation of vigor and mastery. People whose number is 11 are strong and very strong. Their self-control makes them special people. The number 22, for its part, embodies personal success. It helps you out, no matter what the situation. As for the powerful figure 33, it makes the luck vibrate and brings immense happiness to the one who wears it.

In addition to these different numbers, each of the other numbers and numbers has a specific meaning. For good or bad, these meanings affect the lifestyle. In numerology, the negative aspects of a person’s life are only the result of the use he makes of his potentialities. This is confirmed by karma, which represents the different situations that we may be confronted with throughout our existence. Being aware of our numerological number can help to get to know each other better and to recover quickly in order to avoid certain errors.

This article was written in French and translated with the Google tool before being published to help those who speak English. We apologize if the translation is not perfect.

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